The Real Gelato Academy

L’accademia per Gelatieri d’eccellenza che stavi cercando è finalmente arrivata.

icona della tradizione
More than 80 years of traditions

immersi nella pratica
A lot of practical learning

multi language learning
Multilanguage Teaching

metodo ripetibile
Easy and replicable method

Adatto a principianti e avanzati
Suitable for every Skill-Level

certificato di partecipazione
Certified skills

Towards the excellence

Gelato is like a religion. A way of Life.

Non Sono Ammessi Compromessi.

Al giorno d’oggi la standardizzazione della concorrenza ci mette in una posizione di netto vantaggio. Abbandona i preparati ed abbraccia la True Tradition of Gelato. Elevate your business to a New Level.

Restricted Access

Solo i Migliori Possono Partecipare All’Accademia Dell’Eccellenza

Invest in your Business

You will take advantage of Tax Deductions.

Stand out from Competitors

Today more than ever it is important to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Our Academy former students

Excellence spreads with incredible rapidity.

Our Course

Teoria, Pratica, Disciplina ed Esperienza


Introduction to the Work Method

We want to convey to you our unique work system, which we pass on since 3 generations. A clean label gelato, the real gelato, the one still produced with a few noble ingredients, healthy, tasty and digestible.


How To prapare Gelato Mixes

In our Academy you will learn to produce the various mixes at the base of the gelato: fiordilatte, cream, chocolate and the one for the fruit.


Hygiene practice

We face an argument that often is underestimated, but that is so important. We are talking about the correct hygienic practice to be maintained during processing, to avoid compromising the finished product.


Marketing and Communication

Even in the gelato parlor environment, it is essential to communicate effectively and directly the quality of the product offered through all available channels. In this regard, Nicoletta Conficcioni, an expert in marketing and communication in gelateria, collaborates with us, who will illustrate the useful methods to increase your sales strategy also through social channels.

Classic Academy
  • Course Enrollment
  • Learning material
  • Merchandising
Premium Academy
  • Course Enrollment
  • Learning material
  • Merchandising
  • Roundtrip to Airport/Train Station
  • Hotel Accomodation
  • Meals
Premium International Academy
  • Academy’s lessons
  • Learning material
  • Merchandising
  • Roundtrip to Airport/Train Station
  • Hotel included
  • Meals included
  • Interpreter

At your disposal

A flexible approach for every need, to maximize learning

Post-training consulting for every need: laboratory and store design, work organization, staff training, study of personalized recipes and much more.

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Private Courses

Targeted Consulting

Multi-language Consulting

Telephone Consultation

There are unlimited possibilities to customize your learning path. Contact us and together we will identify the best alternative that better suits your needs.

Our Numbers

Goals that you can reach too

When we decided to create the academy, after 80 years of glorious activity, we had a very specific mission in mind: to allow the best to rise from the mediocrity of the market. Our secrets, jealously handed down for three generations are now available to everyone.

80+ Anni di attività

Years of Activity

We are proud to use the same production method for over 80 years of uninterrupted activity.
Can we say it is tested?

300 gusti anno

Flavours every year

The only limit is your imagination. Each year we make over 300 different flavors: some are part of the tradition, others are experiments and others are produced in small batches on request.

clienti da oltre 13 paesi

Customers from over 13 countries

Organized and spontaneous tours of foreign tourists who have visited us specifically to taste our delicious gelatos are constantly increasing in recent years.

Our Teachers

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